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What is the field of view in a binocular?

When looking through a pair of binoculars, the widest dimension you can see is known as the field of view.  Field of view is measured in feet at 1,000 yards. For example, when standing at 1,000 yards from a long picket fence, only a portion of that fence is visible when looking through the binocular. That portion, measured in feet, is the linear field of view.
The field of view is often shown in degrees on the focus wheel plate of the binocular.  To determine the field of view in feet, simply multiply the degrees by 52.5.  For example, if the binoculars states field of view at 5 degrees, the field of view would be 262.5 feet.
A wide field of view is desirable for sporting events or following anything that is moving quickly across your viewing area, such as birds and wildlife.

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